Heroes of Aurora City
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Red Hunter (Unaffiliated Vigilante)

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Red Hunter (Unaffiliated Vigilante) Empty Red Hunter (Unaffiliated Vigilante)

Post  Red Hunter on Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:45 pm

Name: Gregory O'Flanigen

Alias: Red Hunter

Costume: Red Hunter (Unaffiliated Vigilante) On_the_run_by_bigdad-d54hlub

Powers: He doesn't have any super human powers. He is trained to the peak of human conditioning and learned the basics of stealth. The suit he wears now has bullet proof full-body armor plates that are segmented for better flexibility. It's armored plates are on the outside. He included a cape made of flame proof material in his "uniform" as he calls it. He can use the cape to cocoon him self when surrounded by flame. Most of the time he keeps it rolled up on his back and only when the situation calls for it he pulls on a small cord that unfastens it for use. For facial protection and masking, he made a full-head helmet that has a respirator and voice distorter built into it's mouth peace. The eye piece is comprised of and armored plate protecting his forehead and a single lenses multivision goggles over his eyes. The goggles have night vision, thermal vision, UV and compass. He also has a pair of gauntlets on his wrists that have armored plating on top and a compartments for two retractable curved blades on the side and a small dagger on each elbow ( He almost never takes them off). The same goes for the armored boots he wears. The gear he uses can vary a lot (depending on a mission) but when on missions his default gear is: 2 Glock 18s; 3 frag grenades; 3 flash-bangs; a combat knifes in his boot; a taser; a strong line with collapsible hooks used for climbing and descending; 10 leaf-bladed throwing knives, a couple handfuls of marble-sized grenades and smoke pellets and finally a PDA for data storage, evidence photographing and other forensic calculations. Like I said, it all depends on the mission. Sometimes he'll bring a sniper rifle (for assassination type missions) or an SMG (for an all out assault) from his basement armory. He always gets his facts strait before he goes out so he'll have a good idea about what to bring. After all he is human and needs to plan in advance. Sometimes, when on recon/stealth missions, he'll even leave the cape and some of the heavier parts of the gear at home base for extra mobility and speed. His moste recent addition to his arsenal is a small surveillance drone as big as a coffee plate with a powerful rotter in the center to keep it a float and a small camera in its front. The camera has thermal and night vision capabilities and the feed is streamed directly to a small display in the corner of his vision. He controls the drone with a small remote that has two control sticks and an auto pilot button. With the auto pilot on, the drone will simply circle a building Red is currently inside. Simply put: he is skilled, well armored, cunning, armed to the teeth and, being a smart resourceful man, ready for almost any possibility and a very good detective. But underneath all that is actually a vulnerable man stuck in a life he never thought he'll have.

Personality: Even though at his core he is a good and caring man who only wants to help and do what should be done, his unstable psyche make him seem like a merciless trigger lunatic. He is a loner for that reason but that never meant that he wasn't open for cooperation. But he knew it was difficult to work with him so he never collaborated with any of the "superheroes" as the news call them. He sees the world differently then you and I and that’s why he doesn’t want almost any contact. After all he’s not a big fan pf the “catch them alive” police rule. He can be a bit sarcastic and immature at rare times but most of the time his is this focused, calculating, efficient, killing machine fueled by will and grim determination. He doesn’t believe that heroes exist. Also he hates corrupt law enforcers and public workers. Who wouldn’t. He has this way of talking that could be described as both nonchalant and energetic. When you listen to him you can never guess what he is thinking. That is how he likes it. No one, not even the good guys are allowed to know what he is thinking. At least that's his opinion. He also tries to act a bit animalistic, like rarely speaking, tilting his head from side to side, hunching over and using the voice filter to even make some savage beastly noises. That's because everyone isn't sure is he even human.

Physical Description: His about 6 foot 4 and has the build of a man who keeps himself in shape always. He's also skinny because he skipped a few meals in his life. Under the mask he is a pale man with a pointed chin, a smooth nose and dark yellow hair. He also has a large second degree burn over the right side of his face and slightly over his hair. His right eye is completely pale and slightly bulging from the burn (like the right corner of his mouth) while his other eye is brownish red.

History: Formerly based in Westmoor City as a wanted vigilante, Red uncovered a huge conspiracy tied to the cities last cycle of depression and it's supposed "hero" who saved the city from absolute economical collapse. He gave all the evidence discreetly to both the media and the police hoping that it would be enough. It wasn't the people and the authoresses didn't do a thing about the new revelation. Disgusted by the city's apathy and cowardliness, Red left the city and moved to Aurora City. He set himself up an an old abandoned factory basement in the outskirts of the city from which he goes out every night and prowls the Docks and slums, putting his skills to good use. Though he's still angry about what happened in his home city, he learned to move on and was partially satisfied knowing that all the evidence is still out there and that some day some one with an actual spine will come across it and use it. But now all his focus has been turned to protecting the innocence of this new city. The criminal underworld of Aurora City will know and fear him. He'll make sure of that.

Misc. Notes:
-His civilian identity is presumed to have died during the Afghanistan wars. The truth is that he staged his death when an opportunity arose during and air attack on his camp. He used his supposed death to travel around the world, learn as much as he could on all subjects (fighting, shooting, engineering and much more), and to erase the existence of Gregory O'Flanigen forever. He didn't want to live a double life. There should only be the Red Hunter.
-No one know who he really is.
-He doesn't trust super humans because he considers them dangerous and to powerful.
-Fgetting around the city, he uses a customized motor-bike with built in machine guns, retractable blades (similar to the ones on his fore arms but bigger) on the front and a powerful engine with a short nitro boost feature. The dash board has a radar for tracking small tracking devices he can shoot from the front of the bike at a vehicle he want's to follow.
-His MO is usually quick and efficient, killing or wounding the lower class of criminals while leaving the enforcers or even bosses scared and terrified for the police.
-Also he prefers to work alone, but now in a new city that might change.
-His media nicknames are: the man in red, the one eyed freak, Red ETC.

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