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Post  The Slick Lady on Fri Sep 14, 2012 4:56 pm

Name: Natasha Marie Alexandrov, though she doesn't remember it.

Alias: The children have referred to her as The Slick Lady, or just the Lady.

Costume: (I will post a link once I'm allowed to by site permissions.)

Powers: Subject 26, as she was referred to when created, is a genetic experiment in building a biological weapon. Altered far beyond normal human standards, both inside and out, she has a multitude of abilities, though nothing which can be classified as a 'superpower'. Her muscles and skeletal structure have increased strength and durability, much more so than would be possible under normal circumstances. Her scales and skin are tough enough to stop knives, though even a standard 9mm round can pierce them easily enough. Her eyes have been altered to see ultraviolet and infrared spectrum light, and she has extremely sensitive senses of taste and hearing. Large claws take the place of her fingernails, and she has hollow folding fangs where a normal humans upper canines would be, capable of delivering a powerful paralytic neurotoxin that will kill in a few hours if left untreated, chemically very similar to that of a sea snake.
Internally, she has an exceptional immune system, rendering her immune to most common diseases and low strength poisons. Her metabolism is somewhat slower than a humans, so she does not have to eat as much as her size would seem to indicate, and she is capable of digesting raw meat for nourishment. Gills located behind her ears and underneath her jaw allow her to breathe while submerged underwater, though she has fully functional lungs as well, and a large air bladder allows her to rise and sink quickly without causing internal damage such as the bends. She can swim down to around 2500 feet without undue stress. A secondary heart was implanted to help with circulatory problems due to her size.
For all of her bulk, she is fast and decisive in combat, utilising shock at her appearance to great effect. Her snake body is more than capable of squeezing the life out of a person, and her claws sharp enough to rip through even tough leather and loose mortar. While she seems stupid, she is actually of well above average intelligence, and learns rapidly. Unfortunately, most of her lessons thus far have not been of the kind to lend her much in the way of morals.
The one ability that could possibly be considered a 'power' is her regenerative capabilities, so far unknown even to her. Broken fangs and claws, and scales will regrow within two weeks. Lost fingers can regrow within two months, and even loss of her arms, if the bleeding is stopped soon enough to save her, can regrow within a year. This applies internally as well, with major organ damage repairing itself fast enough that unless it is immediately life-threatening, she can recover within a short span of time compared to a normal person. This has the side-effect of increasing her lifespan far more than can be reasonably expected, though the total span she might enjoy is not projected.

Personality: Subject 26 is a predator above all else. The memory wipe caused by the procedures which created her left very little of her personality intact, and she has no moral basis for decisions. She will defend herself and hunt with lethal force, and has no qualms whatsoever with killing humans or animals. A very small core of humanity does remain, however, manifest in both her hesitancy to go out in public and be screamed at and run away from, and in her attraction to music. Psychologically, she is lost and confused, with the mental capacity of an adult human, but an education level well below elementary school. She learns quickly, and has begun to understand that she shouldn't kill things wantonly, but she has no idea why, only that she gets shot at when she does.
For whatever reason, she has a very warm and affectionate personality that shows if anyone bothers to make a connection with her, as evidenced by her relationship with the children who have 'adopted' her. She is fiercely protective of them, and plays with them gently whenever they come to visit her in the abandoned basement she resides in.

Physical Description: Torso is three feet from pelvis to the crown of head. From the pelvis down, a serpentine length runs 26 feet to the tail tip, with a widest point of 2 feet near the pelvis. With her increased bone density and extreme size, the Lady weighs a little over 1200 pounds. The human torso is athletic, well toned, but not overly muscled. Long black hair runs down to the pelvis, and vivid, almost unnaturally bright, green eyes compliment a pale skin tone. Scales on the lower section are patterned dark and light blue, mottled with dark green patches, while the underbelly is milky white. Her incisors are extremely sharp, and she has canine teeth in place of molars, givng her a very creepy smile.

History: Natasha Alexandrov was a typical college freshman. Just beginning to take her education seriously, she was recovering from her parents car crash during a superhero battle and attempting to bury the scars by throwing herself into her studies with fervour. Despite her love of the sport, she dropped from her local football club and lost most of her friends. She could not know that she was being watched by one of the senior boys, a biology major looking to make a name for himself. On a dark night, he managed to chloroform her and kidnap her, bringing the poor girl to his secret facility, funded by some shadowy organisation with a penchant for nurturing young villains.
Over the next few months, she was deconstructed and rebuilt into the monstrosity that she now lives as. Several other subjects were brought in and toyed with while she recovered from various procedures, but Natasha was the man's primary experiment. Once she was complete, he installed her in a large aquarium tank and kept her fed with live meals varying from fish and sharks all the way to kidnap victims he had determined were of no use to his experiments. For her part, she watched him with an animal curiosity while her mind began developing, and neural pathways opened in her behaviour centres as she learned how to do things from her tank.
Over the course of two years, a sort of reverse Stockholm syndrome developed in the man, and he could not bear to keep her in captivity any longer. Once he released her, however, he realised his miscalculation. He loved her, but she had no concept as to what the word even meant, and she had been taught to think of people as just another(albeit noisy) food source. She left the lab after her meal and found herself in an overwhelming environment. The slums of Aurora City were nothing like her tank, which she had essentially known all of her life, and lost and confused as she was, she sought shelter as a means to hide from the noises and smells. She slid into a nearby abandoned structure and slept.
She awoke to find a group of three children staring at her in the basement of the decrepit building. They used the place as a playground and hiding hole, and were shocked to find such a creature there. But being of the age where incredible bravery seems almost built in, they tried to talk to her. She wasn't hungry yet, so she listened to their strange sounds. And something awoke in her, some barely clinging remnant of her old self, something that prevented her from harming them. She did not know how to talk, how to read. Nothing of her education remained, but slowly, the children began restoring that in their own fashion. She knows now that their names are Lilly, Mike, and Jonny, and that her name is the Slick Lady. They brought her an old shirt, explaining why she must wear it, though it barely fits her.
Twice now nastier elements of the city have crept in while the children were playing with their new friend, attempting to kidnap them to sell into slavery, or use as drug mules, or whatever their goals were. Twice, retribution has been swift, bloody, and terrible. At first, the kids did not come back, having seen such death, but they have realised that they are safe as houses around Lady. She remains fed by virtue of stray animals, street thugs, and whatever the kids can scrounge up for her, though she has ceased eating animals unless she is very hungry, as the children have informed her that is wrong.
While she is happy in this life, Natasha's subconscious has become somewhat more active. Sudden flashes of memories from a life now gone scare her in the night. She knows something is wrong, and that something bad happened. She has an urge to find out what, so she has taken to wandering the slums at night, seeking answers. This is dangerous for her and others, as, while she will no longer hurt children, adults have only ever shown her harm, and she has absolutely no reason to spare them unless there are children present.

Misc. Notes:
-Uncomfortable with heights, and rarely goes above ground floor in buildings.
-Hates the sight of lab coats.
-Has flashbacks which cripple her while she wrestles with them.
-Cannot stand sweets.
-Temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit render her sluggish, and at freezing temperatures she actually begins to die. She is not actually cold-blooded, but has very poor internal temperature regulation.
-No information about her was erased by her captor(a mistake he never got the chance to correct). The missing persons report may still exist, and her face still matches photos, but very few even think to tie 'giant snake monster' to 'missing college student'.
-Two major genomes in her genetic structure are hydrophus cyanocinctus(sea snake) and eunectes murinus(anaconda)
-She can digest plant matter like most people, but she has no molars, so it is very difficult for her to eat vegetables and other things that require grinding teeth. When eating this sort of thing, she gnaws on it much like a cat or ferret will.
-The lab she was created in was not locked down once she left, so can be discovered. The only evidence left of her creator is a piles of bones and patches of dried blood.

The Slick Lady

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