Heroes of Aurora City
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The White Light Eagle

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The White Light Eagle Empty The White Light Eagle

Post  Markj1998 on Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:44 pm

Secret Identity : Ashley Rio
Age :18
Hero Identity: The White Light Eagle (A.K.A. White Light)

Hero Looks:Will be revealed in 4-5 days when i become allowed

Secret Identity Looks : Will be revealed in 4-5 days when i become allowed

Personality/History: An artsy loner type who prefers his own company to others and can only confide in one person since his parents died when he was 15 and that person is his Girlfriend (Shannon Feluit: A.K.A. Nova Star (gonna be another hero application for her aswell)) who was the only one who ever talked to him when he first arrived or even tried to talk with him they told each other their stories and due to them having Similarities and things in common meaning they both had powers and were both loner types who had hardly any friends and preferred to keep themselves to themselves.

Powers: Flight, Strength, Wind manipulation, Staff skills, Eagle eyesight And Armor covers his wings and can act as protection and Projectiles able to fire off his sharp metallic armored feathers as Daggers.


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