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Malice, the White Death [Villian]

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Malice, the White Death [Villian] Empty Malice, the White Death [Villian]

Post  Malice on Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:59 am

Name: Robert "Bobby" Sampson

Alias: Malice

Costume: Malice, the White Death [Villian] Malice_Re_re_design_by_symbiot_cluster
Powers: The ability to shape-shift, super strength, super agility, the ability to camouflage one's self to match the background, the ability to breath under water, tendrils that can launch from any where on the suit, normally from the shoulder's in the form of serpents, or from the mouth as the tongues, superhuman healing factor.

A body sharing two minds, one would think there would be a lot of inner turmoil, angst, and conflict. One would be wrong. The two minds are very close, incredibly bonded over the years. The first, Robert. While timid, he is a bitter young man with little love for his fellow humans, or animals. He only finds peace within literature. While not being overly knowledgeable about the world in general, he is very well read, and finely spoken. He was never accepted in school as a child, and as an adult he garnered little respect. So when he finally had the opportunity to gain respect as a hero, he declined that path, and struck out against the world that scorned him.

His Symbiotic other was more than willing to aid Robert in this endeavor. Being a creature that thrives of violence and bloodshed, it egged Robert on to even greater feats of evil. It truly loves Robert, the way one would love their best friend. Either would give their life for the other in an instant.

Physical Description: Normally, Robert is five feet four inches, has chestnut brown hair, and stormy gray eyes. His skin is slightly pale, but that is because his own flesh hardly ever encounters the sun. His frame is slight and wiry having little muscle of his own outside the suit.

History: "My name is Robert "Bobby" Sampson. If you are watching this, you are about to find out how a simple young man soon became something much more." The young man in the video adjusted his glasses, as if for effect. "Something much more." His skin, took on an even paler shade of white. His glasses seeming to melt into his flesh. His eye's fused shut and an orange glossy looking substance coated over them and up along the sides of his head. Much like his eyes his lips fused with one another, and his nose sunk into his head leaving it looking like a pale mound of flesh.

The white spread along his shoulders and down below the camera's view. Soon two serpents rose from his shoulder's a bright orange, the same as his eyes, but without the shine. Some of the pale white skin still attached too them as the slithered about, seemingly independently of him. Where his mouth should be began too stretch. The skin pulling taunt until, with a sicking rip, it came apart. Showing a maw full of jagged misaligned teeth, and three huge undulating tongues. The skin peeled back even further at the corners of the mouth, revealing what looked like sinews, and making it his face look as though it were in a sick pantomime of joy.

The man's voice then came out of the maw, but superimposed on top of it was a second, sickly rasping, almost a hiss, of a voice. "We are Malice!" Hissed the voice that was two. To say the second voice was an echo would be a lie, an echo follows one's voice. The two spoke in unison from one mouth. "We came into being many months ago. Years by this point perhaps." One of the serpents hissed at the camera.

"We were working as an assistant for one of the leading minds at universal labs. Nothing more than a gofer really. But one day the good doctor... Who's name eludes us, but is of no importance... Called us into his lab. A grand discovery was made! Or so he exclaimed. He claimed to have developed a machine that could reach into other universes. Other realities. The doctor had decided he needed to share his discovery with someone right away, that someone was us."

One serpent bit at the other, then fell into the white flesh, rising once again from the shoulder. "When the machine was activated, something went wrong. It could not contain the gravity that it used to rip the barrier between worlds, and it quickly demolished it's self and the building housing it. Killing all inside. Except for us. We were spared because, through that wormhole, traveled our other. Reaching out too us, it cocooned us, and protected us from the explosion and the debris. For two days we rested there. Bonding. Sharing. Growing. Then on the third day we rose, and escaped into the night..."

A shaking voice came from behind the camera. "A...Alright sir. I've filmed you just like you asked... Now... C...Can I go home? My family..." A snake hissed and silenced the man. "Hmm..." The creature reached a four fingered hand, with one jaggedly sharp talon, to scratch the serpent on it's right. "It's done is it?" The man chocked out a "Yes sir." The snakes became still. "Very well. You've served your purpose." The double voice drawled. "Thank you sir! I'll just be...Gllghk..." The serpent on the left had lunged forward over the camera. Blood shot from behind and landed on the alabaster skin of the creature, it was then absorbed into it's flesh, and the feed went dead.

Misc. Notes: Has an extreme weakness too fire, and loud sounds.

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Malice, the White Death [Villian] Empty Re: Malice, the White Death [Villian]

Post  Frederich Glint on Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:15 am

Accepted, but the multiple colors are a bit disorienting.
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