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Ember dans La Nuit

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Ember dans La Nuit Empty Ember dans La Nuit

Post  Ember on Mon May 25, 2009 12:01 pm

(Alright. I am trying to create a French accent here. Sorry if it sucks.)

Ember was still a bit pissed that she allowed the villain to escape. With every review of her actions in her head she drove faster on her motorcycle. She was just a orange blur to everyone she passed. "I can't believes ze criminal got away." Her eyes were glued to the road, yet her mind was glued to her memory. "I threw a fuckin' fireball at him. It was a good thing I gots out of chere or I would have burnt the 'ole neighborhood down." Suddenly, she noticed how fast she was going. She slowed down immediately, then once the bike was completely stopped, she removed her helmet. She fluffed her wild hair and adjusted her headband that was nearly hidden by her rich brown hair.

She heard soft talking, the suppressed sirens of an ambulance, and a piece of garbage rolling down the street. "Did I miss all of ze action?" she asked herself. She felt restless, she wanted to fight. She wanted to do something instead of just standing there by her motorcycle.
"Excuse me, ma'am."
Ember turned her head to face a tall man with a smirk on his face. "Oui?" she replied.
"You look quite familiar. Aren't you that woman who burnt down that apartment building a week ago?" he asked, still smirking.
"I believe dat no one was in dat apartment building." replied Ember slowly.
"No. It was abandoned." he stated, taking a step closer.
Ember took a step back slightly, "Listen 'ere, bub. I don't want chu talkin' to meh anymore. Back off." She touched her gun that was attached to her belt. This time, it had a silencer. She would be prepared if this man tried to do anything unpleasant.

He grabbed her hand that was reaching for her gun. "Let's not try to do anything rash, beautiful."
"Let go off meh!" she hissed, trying to free herself. She noted that he kind of looked like a agent of some sort. FBI?
"Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." taunted the man. Ember spotted two other men walking towards them. "But they might." he said, chuckling.
"Ass'ole! Chu are going to regret dis!" The wild French woman allowed her hands to heat up. The man's face changed from taunting to horror. "Chu aren't FBI agents are chu? Ze real agents would be smart enough to talk before taking meh into custody. Not just grab Ember and order her to go everywhere chu want!" Flames lit upon her hands, burning the mysterious agent's hand. He yelled in pain and released her.
Ember then used that detraction to put her helmet on quickly and then jump onto her bike. "Adieu!" she shouted to them and then sped away.

There was her excitement that she craved. She went through the alleys for about ten minutes until she finally thought it was safe to get off her bike. The night was still young. What more trouble could she get into?

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