Heroes of Aurora City
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My new character, Fersia.

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My new character, Fersia. Empty My new character, Fersia.

Post  Fersia on Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:15 pm

Hi, this is an introduction to my superhero character, Fersia.

She is a lone hero, she has never fought alongside anybody before. She lives in the outskirts of Aurora City, often in the form of a silent, sleek black cat, living on table scraps from restuarants and cafes.

In her normal form, she is a half cat-half human hybrid, the ordinary build of a human, but with long whiskers and a black fluffy tail, with patches of fur on her shoulders and ankles. Her eyes are large and amber with a long, ebony black pupil streaking down the centre. She is beautiful in her appearance, with fluffy, shoulder length blonde hair and a slender, slim build. Her superhero costume is a skin-tight black cat-suit with amber fingerless gloves and long knee length boots, a curved black cat mask sheilding her eyes.

Being half cat, her main ability is the powers of different species of cats. She can have the strength of a tiger, the courage of a lion, the speed of a cheetah, the stealth of a panther, and the elegance of a snow leopard. She cannot transform into these cats, but she can become a domestic cat.
She also has a weapon, a long bronze coloured rod with a bladed edge that can inflict damage on enemies.

Despite her tragic, lonely past, Fersia could get along well with others, and would make a good team partner.

I hope you add me, I will hopefully get a picture of her soon! Smile


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