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Post  Ivory Sparrow on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:09 am

Name: Dr. Isabelle Lee Kao

Alias: Ivory Sparrow

Costume: Made by ~ElavieEvenstar I am still trying to draw this thing. Sad

Powers: The ability to heal other individuals' wounds quickly, however this makes her weaker every time she does this.

Personality: Isabelle is gentle, shy, and very wise. She can get very depressed when low on energy from healing large wounds. She thinks this is caused by taking the other person's pain and putting it inside her. When she heals a wound she feels the exact pain they went through which, of course, isn't fun at all.

Physical Description: Isabelle is a petite woman and stands at 5'8". She is a Asian woman which makes her eyes slightly almond shape. She used to have strong jet black hair but over time it has prematurely turned white. Her right eye has slowly turned a crystal blue but her left eye is still a dark brown, but small speckles of blue can be seen in it.

History: Isabelle Lee Kao was raised by her Chinese father who taught martial arts for a living. He never spoke of her mother so she assumed that that topic was off limits. He, of course, taught her how to fight when she was very young. He wanted her to take over the martial arts studio but Isabelle had other plans: she wanted to find her mother. She finally asked her father about her and after a few days he told her what happened. Basically, her mother got a job offering which she couldn't resist so she left Isabelle's father to raise a child on his own. Her father told her where her mother might be living so she could visit her. After a while of tracking her mother down she finally found her. She started yelling and screaming at her mother in Chinese right at her doorstep. Her mother told her to come inside to calm down, once she did her mother told her that she wasn't a doctor or anything that her father told her. Her mother was a spy for the U.S. government and she still was. She was sent on a very important mission where she made a horrible mistake. Her mother couldn't stay in contact with Isabelle and her father or they might have been tracked down and killed.
A few months after Isabelle had spoken to her mother some men dressed in black shot her and her father. Her father was dead but the Isabelle wasn't. Her body had pushed the bullet out of her skin and sealed the wound on it's own. This was the first and only time that her power worked on herself. It seemed that the near death experience had activated her powers. She fought the men--who obviously had a grudge against her mother--and killed both of them. More men like them would come if they thought she wasn't dead so she set fire to her house then drove the men's van into a lake to make it seem that she and her father were dead.
She decided to turn to her mother for help and guidance which her mother supplied. To keep low Isabelle became a doctor and is now working in the Medical Wing for the Society of Crusaders in Aurora City. Seeing the wounded seemed to have made her softer and softer, but she can still put a one hell of a fight if her or someone else's life depended on it.

Misc. Notes: She calls herself Ivory Sparrow because her hair is a ivory color and her father used to call her Sparrow when she was young.
Every time she uses her powers more color drains from her.
If she heals a very large wound in such short time she could possible die or become extremely ill.

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Post  Frederich Glint on Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:21 am

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