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Al Spray {W.I.P}

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Al Spray {W.I.P} Empty Al Spray {W.I.P}

Post  Tazer on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:57 pm

Name: Al Spray
Alias: Tazer
Costume: Al Spray {W.I.P} 14350eec2a9b9159044f87aad444f38a-d7hhbuy
Electrokinesis- Al is able to generate and manipulate the electricity. He is in the early stages of learning of how to control his ability and is prone to lose control of it due to his own emotions. When he is out of control he has the tendancy to discharge EMP blasts which lead to blackouts in his area.

Mechanical Intuition- Al is known to be a bit of a 'Tech Head'. Being able to create fantastical creations out of scrap.

Al is a easygoing guy. Who finds humour in the most dire of situations. He is known to be a bit nervous and anxious at times.
Al is 15 and has a long gangly body that reminds many people of a spring. His face is handsome. A shock of jet black hair stands up like someone has ran a current through it.
Al was born to a couple who had barely enough money to keep afloat and the majority of his childhood involved Al hiding from his parents as they fought over the smallest of things. He kept his head down at school whilst excelling ahead of his fellow pupils. His first exposure to his powers was when he was when a group of bullies were beating him up. He blacked out as they smacked him around for the third time. When he woke up the bullies were running for the hills leaving behind their friend who was thrashing about, as if he had been shot by a tazer.  
Al has a deep love for orange soda.

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