Heroes of Aurora City
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The Blue Phoenix (Anti-Hero Application)

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The Blue Phoenix (Anti-Hero Application) Empty The Blue Phoenix (Anti-Hero Application)

Post  Heroesyatta on Sun May 25, 2014 7:21 pm

Name: Kyle McFerloxson

Alias: Blue Phoenix

Costume:The Blue Phoenix (Anti-Hero Application) ThumbnailCA0HBT4B
he doesn't wear a top because he is never cold

Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Reflexes, Pyrokinesis, Phoenix Physiology, Feral Rage(He goes on fire when he is angry and his strength is multiplied by 10) and Phoenix Healing all of the Fire powers are blue.

Personality: He has always been a hothead and he is extremely angry, but he is kind when he is not angry.

Physical Description: He is 6'8, he has bright red eyes, tattoos all over his body and he is quite muscular.

History: After Kyle was given the blessing of a Phoenix god, he decided to fight crime and evil, but he is not perfect, if he gets the right pay, he will do assassination contracts, so he can support his family

Misc. Notes:Nothing in particular


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