Heroes of Aurora City
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J (Hero and/or Villian)

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J (Hero and/or Villian) Empty J (Hero and/or Villian)

Post  jcdg09 on Sun Sep 30, 2012 9:22 pm

Name: Julio Santiago Delgado

Alias: J

Costume: A mix of various clothing he found/stole. Upperbody: a brown leather vest that has a lion skin sleeve stiched on his left hole of the vest (from a lion fur coat) his right arm is actually covered in yellow bandages with a black fingerless gloveon his hand. Lower body: a pair of silk pants (from the same place the fur coat was stolen) torn from the right leg, the right leg is covered only to the knee. On his left foot, he has a brown tennis shoe, while on the left he has a crocodile-skin boot. He has a real snake skull necklace. He is always carrying a very large black backpack. When he is on the streets with his powers, he wears a pink beanie and bandana on his face.

Powers: Reality and Physics control, but he almost dosen't use them. What he uses more is his mucus whip, capable of streching very long and able to take the form and durability of any melee weapon, which he sometimes makes it much more powerful. Good phyisical condition and uses a lazy form of parkour, also good at building things from scraps or common objects, for that he has a very large amount of gadgets in his backpack. Apart from that, he might just be confused with a civilian

Personality: Usually jolly and happy all the time. Some days, he's the complete opposite. He is friendly with the majority with the people, but when he needs something, he can be a good actor.

Physical Description: Slightly chubby, 1.63 of height, short black hair, usually poking in every direction. He has light burn marks on his right arm, but he covers them always.

History: Julio came from the desert area of Mexico, near the border. Usually small meteors fall on the desrt, but on a fieldtrip he did with his parents a rather large meteor fell near their campsite. Julio went to check it out, but the meteor had something in it, the mucus whip. The whip took Julio as a host in exchange with giving powers. The blob told him to touch the meteor and the meteor's radiation gave him the reality and physics control. Later on, with an argument with his parents, Julio left his home. He lived on the streets for 2 years, survivng by controling peoples actions, or by doing good deeds. Finally giving up on the street life, he went for the American dream. Reading in a newspaper the city of Aurora, he went and finally settled in on a penthouse he got by "winning" a lottery. He survives by either helping people out, or by stealing things and selling them. Sometimes, he helps the Society of Crusaders.

Misc. Notes: Addicted to candy due to the blob, he's still a human despite his powers. He uses the powers whenever he needs something, or when he needs a quick escape, having secret respawning areas over the city. Has a little garden on the roof of the building he lives.

Sorry for the long read.


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