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RULES! (Please to be reading.)

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RULES! (Please to be reading.) Empty RULES! (Please to be reading.)

Post  Frederich Glint on Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:52 am

'kay. Rules. Very simple.

1. No God Modding.
2. Remember the line between IC and OOC, and don't assume someone must hate you because their character hates you.
3. Remember that in-character actions have in-character consequences. If your character is going around kicking puppies and insulting every one's mothers, he might just get a beating. There's no reason to complain about this.
4. Don't be unhittable. In a fight, it's god modding to assume your attack hits another person's character, so it's up to that person whether it lands or not. However, this does not give them free reign to never be hit. Even the Flash got physically pumbled from time to time.
5. Account names should be the name of the character. You may have multiple accounts to play multiple characters. Just try not to roleplay with yourself all the time if you do.
6. Villains cannot wantonly wander into the Society of Crusader's HQ. If it's some sort of attack, it should be launched starting in the Commercial District--OUTSIDE of the headquarters.
7. Much like villains cannot wantonly wander into the Society's HQ, heroes cannot enter the Fortress of the Syndicate of Murders. In case of an attack, it must be accessed through the docks.

Have fun, be nice, and get along or I will make you get along.
Frederich Glint
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