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A New Threat

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A New Threat Empty A New Threat

Post  The Slick Lady on Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:50 pm

Corporal Roger Anderson was walking his beat through one of the dirtier, but safer, sections of low town. He liked his job, especially on nights like this one. He would bust a few people, make some waves, and start his rise up through the ranks. One of these days. For now, his rather ample belly and thinning blonde hair did not endear him to his higher ups in terms of physical fitness, but he did receive glowing commendations on attention to detail and honesty, things found in short supply these days.

Over the past few months, it seems villains were on the rise and heroes on the slump. Last he had heard, Frederich Glint was critically wounded, maybe dead, and the rest had seemed either violently psychopathic or laying low, leaving a wave of no-name scum to wash over even the better parts of the city. The slums, by comparison, were almost peaceful, at least in relation to places like the dock yards. Which is why Corporal Anderson was not prepared for this to be his last night alive.

Near one in the morning, by his shiny little gold watch, he heard the shouts and thumps of a street fight of some sort down an alley off of Faraday Street and Nolton Avenue. He radioed in and approached cautiously. Several officers had reported grisly murders and partial rumours of cannibalism in this area, so he pulled his gun out, thumbed off the safety, and Proceeded With Caution, by the book. Nothing in the book could have prepared him for the sight he was presented with coming around a bend in the alley.

A street child of dark hair and complexion bolted past him, screaming about drug dealers and death, and when the police officer glanced back towards the commotion, he saw why. The remains of a thin man in a ragged coat and knit cap were crumpled against a rough brick wall opposite him, in a spreading pool of blood from what he had to assume was a knife wound. Another corpse was splayed face down across a dumpster lid, twitching. There were bloodstains everywhere, and the single lightbulb over a door into the building above him was flickering. The shadows were everywhere, so he switched on his flashlight and moved to check the pulse of the first body. No pulse. He turned to the second and had to fight down an urge to vomit, which he failed to do.

The man on the dumpster was missing everything below the sternum, and it seemed to be spread across the alley for several yards. After catching his breath and retching once more, Anderson panned the beam of his flashlight across the darkened alley. Nothing but a couple of blue trashbags and an old mop head, all covered in blood. He clicked his radio on. "Dispatch, this is Badge 3290, over."
The voice came crackling back. "Go ahead, 3290".
"I have a multiple homicide at 43761 East Nolton, request backup and coroner, over." "Roger that, 3290. Back up en route. Seven minutes, over."
"Roger that. Tell them to bring the K9 unit. 3290 o-"
The bags had moved. He was sure of it. He levelled his gun at them. "Come out with your hands where I can see them!" he shouted.

Not only did the bags shift. They slid, and his mind screamed at him that what he was seeing could not possibly be real. The 'old mop head' was actually a real head of black, wavy hair, matted with blood. Attached to a woman, really pretty except for the blood, wearing...nothing? But right where her body should be splitting into legs, and really just below her navel, his mind did not want to comprehend. The 'trash bags' had been the coils of a massive snake. At first glance he thought she was being eaten, but then his brain finally caught up with the situation, and he saw that they were one and the same. And, strangest of all, she was staring at him with those green eyes, with her hands in the air, a questioning look on her face as her eyes dropped to the gun. "Fuck!" Anderson shouted. "Dispatch, send the fucking army! It's some sort of-" There were nothing but screams and one single shot from his gun over the radio.The only thing Anderson's backup found were three bodies instead of four, and a reason to have a funeral in the next few days.

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Post  Heroesyatta on Mon May 26, 2014 9:57 am

As Kyle heard the gunshot he flew away from the crime scene, he started investigating the scene but th police arrived before he could do anything. So he flew away to get the money from the man.


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