Heroes of Aurora City
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SteelGrin (Anti-Hero)

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Post  SteelGrin on Sat May 05, 2012 4:29 am

Name: Isaac McKenzie

Alias: SteelGrin

SteelGrin (Anti-Hero) Steelg13

Powers: Has superhuman strength, endurance and bite force. In addition, Isaac is able to consume metals/metal alloys to sustain himself. Doing so triggers a rapid healing factor that allows him to recover from any injuries, given a sufficient food source. He no longer requires air to survive.

Personality: Tends to be serious, self-conscious about his appearance, short-tempered. Has a deep hatred of criminals.

Physical Description: In his current state SteelGrin stands at roughly seven feet tall and weights
just under 2000lbs. His entire body is composed of unidentified organic metal, which gives his skin a distinctly armour-like appearance. The sole exception seems to be the mess of brown hair sprouts from the back of his skull. SteelGrin has glowing yellow gem permanently fused to his chest and glowing eyes of the same colour. His most distinctive feature however are his large jaws, filled with jagged metallic teeth, hence his name.

Isaac McKenzie once lead an archaeological dig team comprised of; himself, several volunteers and his fiancée, Katie Dubois, on an expedition to southern Mexico. Here McKenzie’s team stumbled upon what they believed to be the ruins of an ancient civilization, far older than the Mayans or the Aztec. Venturing within the ruins, the small team discovered what could only be described as a treasure trove of gold, silver and jade. Content to study the artifacts McKenzie began examining the most impressive piece he could find: a pendant on which hung a single, yellow gemstone the size of a man’s fist. Unfortunately not all had join McKenzie’s expedition out of purely scientific interest. A few of his “volunteers”, had decided to keep any find of value for themselves and make their fortune on the black-market. These would be crooks gunned down each and every witness, before taking their prize, among the first was Katie. Bleeding beside his dead love, McKenzie begged whatever god was listening to give him the strength to avenge her.

His prayers did not go unanswered as the yellow gemstone, still clutched in his hand, flew from his grasp and begune to glow with supernatural energy. This same gem bonded itself to McKenzie, transforming him into a powerful creature with steel fangs and metal skin. However by the time McKenzie’s vision began to clear, his targets had already fled. Enraged McKenzie swore to find the murderers and make them pay.

3 years after that event Isaac McKenzie finds himself in Aurora city, intent on joining the Society of Crusaders. For he believes this group may be his best chance at finding Katie’s murderers, and preventing anyone else from losing their loved ones, to the greed of others.

Misc. Notes: SteelGrin is unable to return to human form unless he consumes gold, a substance he is violently allergic to and that temporarily robs him of his powers. Dislikes magnets.

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