Heroes of Aurora City
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Jacob Leo (Hero)

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Post  Jacob Leo on Wed Dec 28, 2011 10:00 am

Name: Jacob Leo

Alias: Nope. I'm not using one. I do usually go by Leo, because Jacob annoys me.

Costume:Jacob Leo (Hero) Kid_by_D_SuN
((It's not mine, it's Daniel Sun's, on deviantart he's D-Sun. But I saw it, and it captured the image in my head so completely, and it's under a Commons license, so I'm covering my butt and crediting D-Sun now.))
Powers: Superhuman reflexes. That's why I'm such a great swordsman. Also, limited control over electricity, I can manipulate it as long as it's touching me or my sword. No bolts, no projectiles, just currents. I can do an AED pulse, too.

Personality: I guess I'm a little mad. Not angry, the other mad. Not quite crazy, but I don't have the same fears as most other people, or concerns. I don't fear being shunned, though I enjoy company. Public speaking doesn't phase me, but I can't handle being stuck in a room with chipmunks. Long story.

Physical Description: About 5'8", average weight and lean build. Hair color, I would call your attention to the picture. Eye color is grey.

History: I come from a family of swordfighters. They taught me how to fight. I think I learned quite well. I actually surpassed most people besides my parents, because of my agility. Teaching someone how to fight conferred an advantage to my parents when when sparred, they knew what he would do, so they didn't notice anything extraordinary. They did notice when I started developing my electrokinesis. It actually came as a shock to them. Bad pun, I know. I didn't mean to do it, it just happened when Dad and I locked blades one time. It wasn't severe, but his hair looked like he was hanging upside-down. So, after practicing that skill for a while, I turned sixteen. My town was wrecked by some villains. I heard one of them say something about being from Aurora City. Now I'm here. I figure, this seems like a good place to stay, and I might be able to find the people who destroyed my home.

Misc. Notes: Deep-seated fear of chipmunks. Don't ask. It's not a pretty story.

Jacob Leo

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