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Jake Thunder [Villain]

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Jake Thunder [Villain] Empty Jake Thunder [Villain]

Post  Jake Thunder on Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:25 am

Name: Jake Thunder

Alias: Volt

Costume: Jake Thunder [Villain] Tek4eb03e773ff353867840

Powers: Electricity Manipulation and Superspeed

Personality: Somewhat wild, and always on the go. When not doing anything gets restless. Really smart,
but thinks too fast and often gets ahead of himself.

Physical Description: 6'0", Thin and Muscular, Blue Eyes, Blue Hair, Pale White Skin

History: Due to his appearance, Jake was left on his own at a very young age. He moved through multiple foster homes before running away to live on his own. At age 17, his powers manifested and he started to steal money from people, which he then gave to the foster homes that he stayed in. After two years of playing "Robin Hood", he stole from a big time drug lord. When the man found out where his money went, he had a bunch of his thugs shoot up one of the foster homes in an attempt to take his money back. Jake, enraged by the deaths of the children whom he cared for, murdered every single one of the men involved. Feeling like he lost everything, Jake turned to a life of crime. He hates the world for neglecting him, but still has a soft spot for small children, especially orphans or homeless children. He also has said most people don't deserve to live, believing that they are all selfish and ignorant, ignoring others when they are in need, but begging for help when they need it.

Misc. Notes: Smokes cigarettes, and is constantly failing to quit.
Jake Thunder
Jake Thunder

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