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Solar Flare [Hero] [Awaiting Approval or Critic]

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Solar Flare [Hero] [Awaiting Approval or Critic] Empty Solar Flare [Hero] [Awaiting Approval or Critic]

Post  tyhier_uchiha on Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:58 pm

Name: Daniel "Danny" Mancheta Leeds
Alias: Solar Flare
Costume: (I'm trying to figure out how to work this, I'll have to visit the public library to get an image her, but there will be one here as soon as I can.)

Black leather jacket w/removable hood, black fingerless gloves, black pants with two white belts wrapped around the left leg and a series of star crystals on the right leg. His top is a white t-shirt with a tribal black skull. His mask is actually a white bike helmet with a black star on the top. He wears black and white Jordans, running shoes, or cleats; it changes each day.
Powers: Danny absorbs the solar radiation of suns and big stars. This is so great that his powers are best during the day. Offworld, his powers depend on the kind of solar rays warming a planet. His powers allow him to manipulate his energy to either fire blasts, form constructs, fly, and apply slight inhuman strength.
Personality: Danny is highly upbeat, often times seen as a prankster, and is quick to be brave in a situation. All the same, Danny can be hurt just as badly during painful situations, even if he's good at hiding it behind a smile. Danny is loyal to friends and open to greeting a friendly hand to strangers. He also tries not to go the deadly route of battle, even against extremely dangerous villains.
Physical Description: 6'1", 275lbs, Toned/Slim, raven black hair when not using his powers, however the tips of his hair change to a rainbow glow when using his powers, Danny's eyes clear blue and glow in a bright rainbow when using his powers.
History: Danny spent most of his life thinking he was always just another human. However, as he matured, Danny began to become aware of his powers. Danny's father was an alien of the race Creedo and his mother was a human. The details of how they met are sketchy at best, but his father explained much of things when he realized the boy wouldn't be able to control himself without guidance. With the help of his loving family, he was able to successfully lead a life hiding as a normal human.

Danny however, has a good heart. He just seems to attract trouble where ever he goes, it was only natural that he eventually witnessed criminal activities and wished to help. Danny made many tries at being vigilante until he got some of it down. Though he still struggles from time to time, their is one thing he keeps constant; declaring that he is a meta-human rather than an alien. He truly is unaware of his alien heritage back to the planets and feels to much word of Creedos could be dangerous for both his homes.

As of now, Danny prowls the streets in a heroic hunt. He wishes to lock up bad guys and stop crime. Its a trial in itself without pay. Danny also just so happens to be looking to hook up with the big super hero team that everyone talks about; The Society of Crusaders. Even if he might go as more of a fan than a hero, Danny wishes all the same, to fight the good fight.
Misc. Notes: During the night, Danny's powers are weaker. Creedomite is a rare metal that nullifies his power and keeps them under control unless skin contact is broken. He heals better than the normal human, but not incredibly fast, especially at night. Darkness related abilities also harm him for some reason.

*I have to do this during classes and what not, please be patient with me, I have no internet access at home or close by that I may use. I need to search for rides to the library so I'm not sure when I'll be able to go there.*

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Solar Flare [Hero] [Awaiting Approval or Critic] Empty Re: Solar Flare [Hero] [Awaiting Approval or Critic]

Post  Faucon on Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:21 pm

i hope you can figure something out. It's been too quiet here...


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