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The Villain Layla

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The Villain Layla Empty The Villain Layla

Post  Layla on Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:06 am

Name: Layla
Alias: N/A
Costume: The Villain Layla 20988cb18c2ca2c0d063217f759e25e1-1
Powers: Reactive Adaption/Evolution, Bladed Whip, Peak Physical Condition(Above normal)
Personality: Layla is calm and playful when it comes to fighting heroes, enjoying the fight. When she's alone or around other villains she's dangerous, calculating and yet still so calm. She isn't afraid to stand up to any challenger, never showing any sign of doubt or fear. Her emotions are so in control that it's never easy to tell just what she's thinking.
Physical Description: Layla is 5'8" and 123lbs with a slim but athletic build. She has very long, red hair and red contacts that hide her true eye color. Her legs are long and she has a sizable bust. She has many scars that coat her body and a tattoo of a Shpinx on her left shoulder blade.

History: Layla always had urges that weren't normal to other people. Her head was filled with dark, gruesome thoughts and the moment her powers began to manifest she reacted. One night, before she was even a teen, she slaughtered her parents. Her little sister was in the room when she committed such a an act and when the little girl saw what happened she caused the house to explode. With her powers, she was able to survive the explosion and from then on they were orphans. She ran away and her sister was sent to an orphanage. After that night, the sheer exhilaration she felt determined how she would continue to live her life for the next few years.

When she was a teen she finally met up with her sister and found the girl still had no control over her powers, if not even more so than when she was a small child. Feeling the need to hone the girl's skills, she began to single out her little sister so the girl would learn how to use her powers properly. This brutal treatment she showed her, not only caused a rift between the sisters, but in fact did what Layla set out to accomplish; although she wasn't happy when the girl chose to be a hero. Even after helping her baby sister with all that she could teach her, Layla still singles her out when she commits crimes; even blatantly calling her out.

After so many years as a criminal, her feats were vast. She had committed many bank robberies, assassinated dignitaries, crime lords and random people she just felt like killing. She took over territories for drug running and sold stolen merchandise. It was her cruelty that earned her respect on the streets and how she made a name for herself. Without regard for others, or her own safety, she was even able to take out Messiah (a self-proclaimed God), a highly publicized criminal who ran a small, but lucrative portion of the underworld. While she was able to defeat him, she nearly lost her own life in the process. She doesn't actually run any of her territories, she's employed people to do that for her so she can do as she pleases without having to worry about bureaucratic nonsense.

Misc. Notes: - Layla has a little sister who also has powers
- She never talks about herself in anyway
- It's hard to tell whether she tells the truth or constantly lies
- Her weakness are her insides since her outer body is impossible to kill with her powers
- She has no known addictions
- She enjoys killing, fighting, running at night, committing crimes, taunting her baby sister
- She dislikes heroes, police, underestimating opponents, being underestimated, extreme heat
- She is able to adapt to situations very well
- She has a vast knowledge of martial arts but with her weapon, most of her forms are revolved around kicks
- She is fairly flexible and acrobatic, but in no way a world class gymnast
- She looks young but is 23 years old

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The Villain Layla Empty Re: The Villain Layla

Post  Faucon on Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:18 pm

I hope you get approved so we can get this thing starting again.


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