Heroes of Aurora City
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Post  The Gentleman on Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:41 am

Name: Simon Masters
Alias: The Gentleman
Costume: (will be added soon. scanner's on the fritz)
Powers: None. Uses intellect, gymnastic skill, and modified walking sticks and umbrellas, ranging from concealed swords, guns, even a propeller for escapes.
Personality: Dry, quiet, focused to the point of snobbery.
Physical Description: Black Victorian-era dress suit with top hat and coat, with white gloves and a black theatre mask. His coat has several concealed pockets containing lock picks, smoke screen bombs, etc. With his hat, he stands at an intimitating 6'6, helped by his clothes which cause him to appear larger than he actually is. In public, he wears contacts which change his irises to gray, and a short brown wig under his hat. His top hat also contains a concealed LED torch used as a headlamp, controlled by a button on the band.
Simon's childhood was a typical one growing up in a small town in New England. Loving parents, both orphans, and he himself was an only child, letting him enjoy the wonders of lower-upper class life from the success of the Masters' engineering company. In his youth, Simon enjoyed two things: literature and acting. It was a boyhood dream to perform a show based on the books he had loved growing up (mostly the works of Wells, Dickens, and Verne) upon a stage for his family, which he did attending Julliard as a young man portraying Bob Cratchitt in "A Christmas Carol".

However, not even two weeks after that final curtain, Simon's father Allan was found dead of a heart attack. The tragedy sadly did not end there, as a month later, Simon also lost his mother, Maxine, apparently from grief. The then-twenty-year-old Simon withdrew from school, then the world. Having no family left, he holed himself in the family's extensive library to cope with his loss. After reading every book in the room, pausing only to make meager meals for himself and travel to the corner store for supplies, he emerged a different man.

As soon as he got ready to re-enter the world, he learned something terrible: his parents may well have been murdered with a recently-developed toxin that causes cardiac arrests, and is almost undetectable. Numb and heart-broken, Simon decided to find the bastards that killed his parents, creating his persona based on the Victorian literature he had always loved. The media dubbed him "The Gentlemen" after seeing his nighttime strolls as he apprehended the criminals responsible for the drug's creation. He still searches for the people that gave it to his loved ones, and it has lead him here, to Aurora City.
Misc. Notes: Simon hid a good chunk of his inheritance in an island off the coast of Rhode Island, and faked his own death in a boating accident, paying a crooked bureaucrat for several different copies official papers of different aliases. When in public, he disguises himself with wigs and make-up, as well as his own wide vocal range, to keep anyone from guessing his true self. When out as the Gentleman, he uses a deep, posh British accent.

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