Heroes of Aurora City
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Post  Black Star on Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:52 pm

Name: Vincent (last name unknown)
Alias: Black Star
Costume: Black Star Ga-1-1
Powers: Super Strength, Laser beams(a purple beam that is shot from both palms), Flying, Super Speed.
Personality: Vincent is a person who thinks through things. But when it comes to a fight it's talk later fight now! He doesn't talk much only when he needs to tell someone information or if something is on his mind. He doesn't like people who talk alot of smack.
Physical Description: 6'5.145 lbs. Average.Black.Purple.
History: Vincent was just an average human, until he was chosen for a space program. Once he was launched in space by the UPP (Undercover.Protection.Program). As he floated in space a large purple burning asteroid went flying towards the spacecraft which he was connected too. Once it had hit no one knew where he had disappeared too. Later on that month it was said that he was still floating through space. As they had gotten someone in the organization to rescue him his body was going through many changes. The UPP scientist were then losing him, so they put him in a recovery chamber where they could run test on him while saving him. As the scientist so many signs of changes they saw his arms get bigger in size as he grew stronger. The water had then changed to a red color instead of green. The scientist then knew Vincent wasn't the same person he was before the asteroid had hit him. As he busted open the chamber he had took out the officers, soldiers, and scientist with his bare hands. As he went through a room their was a bunch of super-armored displays that were completed. As he changed in it he ran out blasting people and taking out soldiers. He was confused and didn't know what to do. As he saw his power as a oppertunity and became black star. There had been warnings all over Aurora City telling citizens to keep a lookout for the armored enemy. This was a new start for BLACK STAR!

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