Heroes of Aurora City
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Post  The Brazen Bull on Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:05 am

Name: Aarron James
Alias: The Brazen Bull
Costume: The Brazen Bull BBcostume
Powers: None
Personality: Aarron James is taciturn and grim. He has a strong belief in justice, and strong morals--his justice is brutal, however. He doesn't like flashier heroes, believing their intentions are never pure.
Physical Description:He's a large built man, with wide shoulders and a heavily-muscled body. He has pronounced cheekbones, a wide nose and a cleft chin. His eyes are small and tired and green, and his hair is uneven and blonde.
History: Once a detective, Aarron was fired from the force for coersing confessions out of criminals. Since then, he sometimes drives a taxi, sometimes drives deliveries for his cousin Clyde.
Misc. Notes: None.
The Brazen Bull
The Brazen Bull

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