Heroes of Aurora City
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The Muse [Hero]

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Post  The Muse on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:44 pm

Name: Eddie Sanderson

Alias: The Muse

Costume: (I'll have the image up later today, or tomorrow.)
The Muse wears a wrinkled white T-shirt, and a pair of sweat pants, topped off with a ratty blue bathrobe. Not much of a traditional Superhero costume, but The Muse isn't really one for tradition. However, he's not actually from Aurora City, so no one really knows his secret identity.

Powers: Eddie has a powerful voice, it usually has a soothing tone, that calms down those around him, regardless of the situation. However, the more riled up he gets, the bigger the difference is in reaction. When he's screaming at someone, they become overwhelmed with panic, and if he's in a fit of rage, his voice can cause pain to those around him. Eddie, however, isn't entirely aware of his power. Usually he uses it while he's playing his guitar. In his mind, it's the guitar that has the power, not him. His power isn't great for taking on a group of thugs, but he can talk them into calming down- that's when he punches them in the face.

Personality: The Muse is eager to be helpful in any situation, and is always willing to give a helping hand. He can get annoying at times, but he tries not to be.

Physical Description: Six feet tall and about 140 pounds, Eddie is a lanky man. His head is shaved bald, and he has an eyebrow ring, but not much separates him from the average civilian: With the exception of his wardrobe.

History: Prone to paranoid episodes, and delusions as a child, Eddie was put on a cocktail of medications, that swelled his vocal chords slightly, and thus hid his powers from the world. He lived in a small town most of his life, and was raised by fair parents. Life was good, and it got better when he got his first guitar. It was about that same time that he was taken off the cocktail, and his voice returned to normal. Whenever he played (and sang) in front of an audience, he noticed the difference in their actions. His first reaction was that the guitar was the cause, and he never strayed from that mindset. And unlike many heroes, there was no deep, dark occurance in his life that made him want to be a superhero, he just wanted to help people with his own unique talents. Unfortunately, his paranoia and delusions aren't entirely, which means that The Muse isn't entirely sane, but it's not to the point where he sees people as elephants, or he thinks that everyone is out to get him, he's just a little out of it sometimes.

Misc. Notes: The Muse believes that his guitar is the sorce of his power, and thus he's very protective of it.

The Muse

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Post  Frederich Glint on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:19 am

Approved. (Sorry; could've sworn I approved this way, way before now.)
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