Heroes of Aurora City
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Follow the Leader (Open) Empty Follow the Leader (Open)

Post  The Soul Mender on Sat May 30, 2009 9:43 pm

Even Aurora City got quiet at 3:30 in the morning; sensible people were in bed, and the homeless drifters and criminals kept their activities hushed and hidden. Richard wished very much that he could be sleeping, but he had a mission to undertake, and one he didn't want the police getting involved in. He had a score to settle, after all, and only one lead that might prove coincidental. Dressed in his costume, with a coil of rope (though still not his staff) and his canisters positioned on his belt, he turned the little business card in his hands over and over, noting the crimson stain that had soaked through the paper.

Fashion Statement Inc. was a well-known company, with outposts up and down the east coast as well as in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other such important cities. Their main offices, however, were in Aurora City. They carried every imaginable brand of clothing, from the finest of the fine to the cheapest of the cheap, and ran a multi-million dollar television advertising campaign that seemingly couldn't be escaped on any channel. But when Richard had spoken to the grieving family of Jenna Tomsik, gently asking if anyone had a reason to want to hurt her, they'd told him about a drug-smuggling operation that was run out of the main office's basement. Jenna had worked as a secretary nearby, and if the smugglers thought she knew anything, they'd have wanted her dead.

In his heart, Richard knew that the villain's attack had been caused by sheer malice and nothing more, but he didn't even know the culprit's name, let alone how to find him. He had a burning desire to bring someone to justice because of what had happened, and at least for the moment it didn't really matter who it was so long as he could draw some connection. Moving stealthily along the alleyway outside the seven story Fashion Statement office building, he sighted the door into the storage level down a small flight of stairs. He approached, slowly and quietly, and gazed into the lock with the aid of a small flashlight; the door was, as he feared, openable only with a key or from the inside without the aid of lockpicks, and was strong enough to resist his physical force.

These options removed, Richard did the last sensible thing he could think of; he knocked. After a few moments, an unkempt man with a dirty brown goatee opened the door ever so slightly to look out, only to get a cloud of knockout pheromones in the face. He crumpled forward, opening the door wider with his bodyweight, and his assailant stepped over him to enter. The floor was covered in stacks of paper interspersed with filing cabinets, while computers atop desks lined the walls. A dreadful smell emanated from another nearby room, and Richard tied a wet handkerchief firmly over his mouth and nose before proceeding. He eased over to the second door, put his hand on the door handle, and turned it ever so slightly.

Then the burglar alarm went off, screaming into the night as the entire office building blared to life, and the Soul Mender swore like a sailor before stepping to one side of the door. He needed to finish this quickly, if it wasn't already too late...

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