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Post  Jane Stanwood on Sat May 02, 2009 11:10 pm

Name: Roseanne Jane Stanwood
Alias: Jane. She didn't think it would be necessary to make up a strange nickname for herself.
Costume: (My friend, iThe Crimson Witch from Gaia, is drawing me my costume. She said it probably won't be finished till Monday. Jane wears no mask because she doesn't feel like she needs one. She wears a very victorian looking dress that goes to about her knees. She also wears striped tights under those and black shoes on her feet. She wears white gloves and a white, ruffly head hand also.)
Powers: The ability to control objects with her mind. She also developed a early intelligence. For example, she could talk perfect english by the time she was one. To make it even more bizarre, she could talk perfectly in five languages by three. She was born with both of these powers, making her a "freak" to her parents.
Personality: Jane is a quiet child. One the other-hand, she is also vicious. She likes to get her way, of course, just like any other villain. She can act too smart for her own good, probably because she is. Even though she almost never talks she still loves to be bitter. She believes the world should parish because of what it has made her go through from the last eight years.
Physical Description: Jane is only 3'7" because she is eight years old and weighs a measly 57 lbs. That doesn't mean she can't pick up heavy things with her mind. She can pick up just about anything when it comes to that.
She has short jet-black hair that goes to about her chin and has pale blue eyes that almost look grey. She always has a serious face. She hates the happy little eight year olds, with big smiles along their faces, who skip along happily with their perfect kind parents. If she ever saw a family like that, she would probably kill them.
History: The Stanwood family had been rich for generations. Her parents, Edward Stanwood and Elizabeth Stanwood, were a snobby couple that lived in a huge mansion right outside Aurora City. They had maids and personal chefs, live was good for them. They decided to have a normal child that would grow up to be just as snobby and rich as them. They didn't know that their daughter was going to be so much more different than all the other Stanwood children that had ever lived.

When Roseanne Jane Stanwood was born her parents were not pleased. Jane wouldn't cry like a normal baby, she wouldn't play with her toys like a normal baby, and she wouldn't eat treats like a normal baby would die to have. Instead she stayed quiet, only talking when it was absolutely necessary. She would read books from the family's personal library. Books like: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice or William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Her parents were stunned by her advanced learning skills and tried to make her read books more of a toddler level. They would place the books somewhere high on the shelves so she couldn't reach them. They were stumped when they saw her with the same books even when they were up on the highest shelves. They told a maid to start watching Jane to see how she reached the books. The maid came back to the parents in a hysterical state. She told them that Jane made the books move out of the shelves on their own. The parents thought this as rubbish and wanted to see Jane do it with their own eyes. So they called their two year old daughter before them and commanded her to show them her power. Jane sadly lifted her hand and made a glass on the table fly across the room and shatter into pieces against the wall. Her parents were speechless and couldn't handle to look at their daughter. Jane's mother then tried to erase every single piece of evidence that Roseanne Jane Stanwood never existed. Jane became a family secret that only her parents knew about.

Jane's parents hated their abnormal daughter and abused her both emotionally and physically for the next two years. They would never let her see daylight or read books from the library. Jane wasn't allowed to talk nor play with other children. (She didn't much care for other children. She thought they were idiots with no sense.) Jane started to become less of a daughter and more like a slave. She was forced to make meals, clean rooms, and much more. Even though she had to handle her terrible parents she still loved them. She was still a child that wanted nothing more than to be loved by mother and father.

When Jane turned eight no one knew it was her birthday. She was forced to make dinner that night to avoid a beating. She looked in a drawer to find some forks to set the table but instead to opened the drawer with large sharp kitchen knives. That is when Jane snapped. She loved her parents until now. She lifted two knives with her mind and sent them flying towards her mother and father in the dining room. The two knives stabbed both of her parents in the back, making them fall into a pool of their own blood. She simply smiled and left the bodies to rot. Or at least until someone found them. Before she left she made sure to write a note to notify that Mr. and Mrs. Stanwood did have a daughter and that this wasn't the last two murders she would be committing.

My name is Roseanne Jane Stanwood. I am eight years old. I am the daughter of these two people whose blood is staining this note. I was a slave. Unknown. The world has been unkind to me therefore I shall be unkind to it. I will kill more. You will hear more of I, Jane, in the closest city. Aurora City. You will never find me. Unless I find you first. The world will drown in its own BLOOD.

Misc. Notes: Jane behaves unnaturally older than her real age. She believes that she is really a full grown adult trapped inside a child's body. If you comment her about her age, you will most likely experience one of her awful fits.

Jane Stanwood

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Post  Frederich Glint on Sat May 02, 2009 11:19 pm

Uh... accepted. I have a little pause about the history, however--mostly the motivations, what have you. Buuut, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you'll play this sort of character well.
Frederich Glint
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Post  The Crimson Witch on Sat May 02, 2009 11:23 pm

That's one messed up 8 year old. She sounds scary... -Looks around nervously-
The Crimson Witch
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