Heroes of Aurora City
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Post  The Nightwalker on Sat May 02, 2009 3:51 pm

Name: Andrew Nightingale
Alias: The Nightwalker
Costume: Gettin' one; my sister agreed she'd draw him for me =D Until she can get the pic to me, he dresses in a white suit with a white fedora hat, white suede gloves and shoes. Basically, everything about him is gleaming white. He doesn't wear a mask, so his identity isn't exactly secret, but no-one really knows who he is anyway. He has no citizen friends in the first place. He does wear a lot of white theatrical make-up on his face and neck, though. To, y'know, reinforce the whole 'white' thing.
Powers: None, unless you count carrying more guns on his person than the Army have in their possession a power.
Personality: Bitter and jaded describe Andrew so accurately; there's almost no need to say anything more. He has very few good memories of his childhood, mainly because he refuses to recall the good ones. A realist, many perceive him to be a terrible pessimist because of the way he draws attention to the negatives. Having been in the hero business for quite some time, he's seen first hand how terrible even everyday citizens can be and it causes him anger and pain every waking moment. Grudgingly, he continues to save them but if he should happen to empty an entire magazine into some lowlife in the process, no-one should care. Well, they shouldn't, but his attitude to life and death and dangerously close to insane personality has made him quite unpopular amongst the oh-so-righteous "never kill" types. Not that he really cares. He would have cared once upon a time, but not anymore.

That said, he does have quite a chivalrous respect toward women; they always come before himself, he holds open doors for them, he carries their things, he listens to them. He rarely ever kills a woman - if he does, you know she deserved it.
Physical Description: Andrew is 6ft 1in tall and weighs 80kg, so he's rather normal looking for an older "gentleman". He has greying black hair, his skin is very pale (he isn't called The Nightwalker for nothing) and his eyes are a dark brown. He is deceptively strong - in his costume, a simple suit, he appears not to have strongly defined musculature, but were you to see him bare, you might find yourself somewhat surprised. Okay, he isn't as strong or as well-muscled as some of the larger heroes but he can hold his own in a fight. Not that he really needs to since every square inch of him is covered with guns.
History: Andrew doesn't have any powers, although he possesses great intelligence. According to the man himself, where he came from, his childhood, his birth place, his parents and all that "nonsense" aren't important. He became a hero because he never did trust the police force to catch criminals - look at all the unsolved cases they still have in their many filing cabinets. He became embittered when he realised that some of the criminals he was catching were just normal citizens as well. Normal, everyday people with quiet lives, for some reason prowling the streets at night starting fires, beating innocent people to death. The city was infested with these people, people you would never expect to lift a finger to another human being. It sickened him to his core, and though he eventually resolved to keep up the heroics, he also began a downward spiral into a state close to insanity.
Misc. Notes: Andrew seems to be on a frantic path to self-destruction. He smokes, drinks, plays with life and death, shows little regard for himself, takes massive risks, provokes the wrong people... It's like he wants to kill himself.

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Post  Frederich Glint on Sat May 02, 2009 11:11 pm

Accepted. Looking foreward to seeing the picture when your sister has it, and looking foreward to playing with you whenever you want to join in.
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