Heroes of Aurora City
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Back at the Fortress

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Back at the Fortress Empty Back at the Fortress

Post  The Crimson Witch on Fri May 01, 2009 11:16 am

Crimson was pouting back at the Fortress. "Damn it Ivan! What if ya get hurt!?" She kicked a chair making fly threw the air and break against the wall. "Grrr!"

I'm going to have the biggest fit when Fang gets back! Bigger than the fit I am having now! Unless, I'm not here when he gets back... Hm... She grinned and headed towards the door. Even though Fang told her to stay here. She opened the door and closed it behind her, into the disgusting alley. "Now where did Fang say he was goin'?" She probably wasn't listening at the time, probably just being furious that Fang because he wouldn't let her go. "Was his name The Drape? No... The... The... Curtain! Ha! The Curtain!" said Crimson being very proud that she figured it out.

"Alright, he said he was heading to the Commercial District. So... This way?" She started walking, heading to the Commercial District. Planning to crash the party or just hang on the roof to wait for Fang to come out.
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