Heroes of Aurora City
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Post  The Curtain on Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:57 am

Name:Vladimir Losev
Alias: The Curtain
Costume: (will get to a picture in time)
Powers: none
physical appearence: 6' 9'', incredibly muscular, and wide. He has short slicked back blonde hair, pale skin and takes his physical apperance very seriously.
Personality:He's very quiet until he is provoted, or is enthused by a topic of discussion or a good fight, which he very much enjoys.
History: Trained as a soilder during the last years of the soviet empire, he defected from Russia after the fall of communism. He hopped all over europe, inciting leftist, and communist riots. He eventually ended up in Aura city, and established, and presently leads the communist party of Aura City. Since its creation the pary has been under scrutiny by law enforcement agencies for its shady practices and connections to violence.
Misc. Notes: none
The Curtain
The Curtain

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