Heroes of Aurora City
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Iron Fang [Villain]

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Iron Fang [Villain] Empty Iron Fang [Villain]

Post  Iron Fang on Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:51 am

Name: Ivan Gorski
Alias: Iron Fang
Costume: Iron Fang [Villain] Fangcostume
Powers: None
Personality: Gorski is a very arrogant and blood thirsty individual. A sociopath, he feels no guilt for his actions, and, in fact, derives a sick pleasure from causing others to suffer. He likes others to be under his power, and hates to be under the power of others.
Physical Description: Gorski has a slight frame, bordering on frail. He put a lot of muscle on it in prison, but it is long, lean muscle, which still gives him the appearance of being lanky and thin.
History: Before he was put away by the Brazen Bull, Gorski was a serial killer. In prison he nursed a deep hatred for the shame of being locked up by a masked hero, which turned into a sort of obsession with superheroes. He decided to become a supervillain, and--after a successful escape from his prison--returned to Aurora City to wreak havoc as Iron Fang.
Misc. Notes: None.
Iron Fang
Iron Fang

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