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Le Faucon (hero)

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Name: Alexandre "Alex" Morel

Aliass Faucon, Le

Costume: Alex wears a blue-white-red coloured costume with his insigne - a golden falcon- on his chest. The design is similar to that of his mentor, the French heroine, L' Élémentaliste.

Alex his most know powers are his superhuman strength and invulnerability to incredible levels. In the criminal underworld rumours circulate that Le Cerveau once tried to take Alex down with a nuclear bomb. While the weapon caused a lot of damage, the hero ultimately survived. Thus showing the world the true level of Alex' invulnerability. No official documents were ever found to support this.

Alex is capable of flying under his own power. He also possesses, enhanced senses - especially vision which comes in handy when flying - and reflexes. A rarely know power is his ability to shoot beams of solar energy from his eyes at various settings.

Physical Description:
Alex is 18 years old, 1.6 m tall, weights 60 Kg, and is of average build. Alex is natural light brown, but when posing as le Faucon he dyes his hair in a darker shade of brown. His right eye is gold, while is left eye is silver. In order to hide this distinctive characteristic, Alex wears coloured lenses as a civilian.

Calm, courageous and with a strong sense of justice. Although seemingly distant, Alex will never turn down a plea for help. Nor will he turn away of those in need. However, while having no trouble with helping others, Alex has a hard time asking others for help. Especially when he has bitten off more than can chew.

A growing concern amongst several heroes is Alex' quest for vengeance. Not only because Alex seems to give it top priority, but also because some of them fear that once Alex has killed Le Cerveau, he will not stop there. And a super powered hero that has no quarrel s about killing might be a dander the world cannot handle.

Alex is the only child of Louis and Brigitte Morel, a pair of French archaeologists. Due to their work, his parents were unable look after their son, so they left Alex in the care of his aunt and uncle, Claudia and Philippe.

By the time he turned 15, Alex knew hi s parents almost only from pictured and the occasional letter. At that time, his parents made world news with their discovery of a long lost temple in the heart of Egypt. Possible because they felt guilty his parents desisted to let Alex come over, despite claims from Claudia and Philippe that Egypt was no place for a child. His parents held firm, and soon Alex found himself in Egypt.

Although their intentions were sincere, his parents had no idea how to function as a family, and before long they turned all their attention to their discovery again while Alex was left to wander the camp alone. The next couple of days Alex tried to talk to the other people in the camp, but the few who spoke French didn't have the time to spare. Ultimately, and against his parents' wishes, Alex found himself in the newly discovered temple.

Alex wandered through the temple until he triggered a hidden switch and was able to enter the heart of the temple: the Altar of Ra. Alex had just entered the secret room or the door closed behind him, trapping him inside without anyone knowing. He searched everywhere for an exist, to no avail. Afraid and exhausted, Alex collapsed against the altar.

All of a sudden, water began spouting from the altar. Unknowingly Alex had discovered the long lost secret of the temple: the Fountain of Ra. Thirsty from his futile search Alex drank from the water without knowing that this very act would change his life forever.

The powers of an Egyptian deity ran through his body, infusing him with untold power and abilities as he became the first incarnation of Horus in thousands of years.

After the shock, Alex found himself capable of easily moving the massive door that kept him trapped inside. Once back in the camp, he noticed his eyes had changed colour; one had turned golden, the other silver. This forced him to wear sunglasses for the rest of his stay in Egypt.

When his parents, who had noticed his absence, asked where he had been, Alex lied to them in order to keep the fountain a secret, fearing what might happen if the world learned of the powers it possessed.

Back in France Alex learned of his other powers, including his invulnerability and his ability to fly. Afraid and confused Alex did not know what to do until he was able to meet Isabelle Sobral, alias L' Élémentaliste. She immediately realized the danger of leaving a super powered child unattended and took it upon her to teach him.

During the next years, Isabelle taught Alex how to use his powers in a responsible way, and what it meant to be a hero. Under her tutorage, Alex grew into a confident and courageous person while retaining his kindness. By the time Alex became 18, Isabelle knew it wouldn't be long before he'd be able to proceed o n his own.

Before this could happen however, tragedy occurred. Le Cerveau, a notorious master criminal, had struck again, and Les Fabuleux, a group of heroes including Isabella, were could away. Deeming the situation too dangerous, Isabella ordered Alex to stay at home. Nevertheless, as soon as Isabella had left, Alex secretly followed her. However, he was too late. By the time he arrived at the scene of the fight, the battle was already over. The Fabuleux has been defeated, and all Alex could do was watching how Le Cerveau killed Isabelle before making an escape. With the body of his dead mentor in his arms, Alex vowed he would not rest before Le Cerveau got what he deserved.

Knowing it was too dangerous to remain in Europe, Le Cerveau made his escape to Aurora City, hoping to find refuge amidst its large groups of villains, with Alex right on his trail.

Misc. Notes:
- When referring to Horus, Alex frequently switched between third and first person;
- When exited Alex uses a noun-adjective syntax instead of adjective-noun;
- Alex stays at a student home in Aurora City while studying criminology at the local university.

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Re: Le Faucon (hero)

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